L'IMMOBILIER CREUSOIS represented by Mrs Sandrine Brunet, 34 Grande Rue, 23140 JARNAGES, N° SIREN 502 400 955 au RCS de Guéret (Creuse).
Holder of business license number : 23CP-0102 issued by the Prefecture of la Creuse on 05/03/2008. The license entitles the holder to negotiate property and business sales transactions and the holder is insured by GALIAN, 89 rue la Boétie, 75008 Paris for a maximum amount of 120,000 €.
Holder of special account (pursuant to Article 55 of Decree of 20 July 1972) number 04221284172 at Banque Populaire Aquitaine Centre Atlantique.
Insured under business liability insurance Policy number 120137405 taken out with MMA Entreprise, 14 Bd Marie et Alexandre Oyon, 72030 LE MANS Cedex 9.

All properties for sale on this site are in Creuse and displayed prices include my negotiation fees. Notary fees are additional. For more information please go to the contact section or call me at
0033 555 61 94 80 or 00 33 638 10 94 15.


Last update: Saturday 23th December 2017.